We believe in what makes people happier.

ProSelf is a social tech consultancy.

For our business partner ProSelf International Inc. offers research, consultancy and software development. We put the well-being and resilience of people and organizations in the center of everything we do.

ProSelf Int. Inc. is member of the World Business Council For Sustainable Development (WBCSD)
and cooperates with Global Change Makers within SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) projects.

Our values

At ProSelf we stand for an ethical and respectful behavior.


Everything we do, we do it for the human being.


Researching and developing is the part of our life.


Together with our partners we work transparently.

Our scope in a smart and digitalized society


Over 25 years of experience in consultancy
Over 540 finalized projects
Over 5270 participants in our courses

Our Team

Attila Kelemen


His motto:
Knowingly, disciplined, humanely.

Attila has gained domestic and international experience (in English and German language areas) and leadership background at multinational company. Currently he develops and leads the international consultancy office owned by him.

He has supported strategy formulation and implementation of many large enterprises and SMEs in the past 25 years. He has a senior manager, company manager, business consultant, marketing, economic mediation and supervision based coaching background. He uses his experience to support conscious planning of the companies and for personal coaching of the leaders. During his tasks he thinks as a company manager and a consultant at the same time and so he can be the supportive partner of top managers.

He is committed to sustainable economical development.

Ildikó Gálik

Chief Innovation Officer

Her motto:
Understanding customer and clients’ needs is the foundation of good collaboration and business results

Ildikó has worked in leadership positions at at multinational companies, like FMCG suppliers, retailer, market research company and consultancy.

Her 20+ years experience includes trade marketing, marketing, sales and project management (on local and on CEE level), internal and external communication, trainings, client management and insight creation.
She has gained experience at big and small organizations as well both on B2B and B2C sides.
She can help companies throughout the whole journey from strategy creation to implementation.

She works as a volunteer for non-profit organisations and sustainability is part of the everyday life of her family.

Dr. Johannes Kropf

Chief Technology Officer

His motto:
As soon as one became master in one thing, he shall get student in another.

Johannes holds a PhD in mathematics and has more than 15 years of experience in research and development in the fields of mathematical modeling, software development, data analysis and active and assisted living (AAL).

In his career as a researcher, he has planned and coordinated numerous national and international research projects and could establish a large network of cooperation with national and international partners. Beside that, he could pick profound knowledge in psychology.

Now, he is bringing in his knowledge and experience into the development of the ProSelf platform without neglecting research to realize new, future-oriented solutions.

He is volunteering for non-profit organizations and supports projects protecting the environment.

Mónika Domonkos

Role Model Coach

Her motto:
Listen. Listen. Support competently.

Mónika has gained domestic and international experience (in English and German language areas) and leadership background. She uses her expertise for a more conscious, better understanding of human behavior and so to develop self-knowledge and interpersonal relationships. She is the developer and expert of the Role Model Coaching (RMC) methodology. She has a background of personal typology and supervision based coaching. She is committed to social responsibility.

Damján Kelemen

Junior Software Developer

His motto:
For our sustainable tomorrow

Our references

Ilona Girhiny

Deutsche Telekom Senior HR Change Management Expert

Business success is inseparable from the existence of WELL-BEING. The ProSelf initiative helps us to continuously monitor how well we are, and to intervene when we experience a loss of direction, when at the very beginning there are signs to say that if we go ahead, business success cannot be guaranteed.

Tamás Czeczeli

DEICHMANN Managing Director

Throughout the joint work you have the feeling that we do not spend much time in the past, but the more we do in the future.

High level of openness and humour are also present in the programs, while we are heading towards the goal. You feel you have come to the solution easily, but in the background serious, professional forces help.

Attila Chickán

Business Council for Sustainable Development in Hungary, President

For ProSelf, deep professional knowledge and business sense meet with human decency. They work hard and advocate this, but they also create harmony. They believe in what they are doing and they are capable of doing for that: I am happy to work with them.

Éva Nikovics

Allianz Strategic Director

I have known ProSelf a little over three years ago. In our first conversation, it was stated at the introduction that their aim was to create and support organizational and individual well-being. This goal has not changed since then, but the ProSelf concept has been further developed: it incorporates the latest technology and everything that modern psychology regards as human well-being. It is impressive to see the enthusiasm and determination the ProSelf team working for this purpose!

Our Partners


Proself International Inc. | Vienna

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  • Mobile: +43 664 1951425
  • Web: www.proself.at
  • Email: support@proself.org
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